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Why switch your Broadband?

It is simple! Right now, you could be paying much more than you need to for your broadband and TV.

Like any other fixed deal, they eventually come to an end and you may notice your bills creeping up and up for the exact same product

But you could save up to £100 by switching your package with us.*

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Our featured monthly Broadband deals

£100 Reward Voucher
Vodafone Superfast 2

24 Months Contract

£21.50 Per Month

63MB Average Speed

Offer Ends 31.10.21
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£75 Reward Voucher
Ultrafast M100 Fibre

18 Months Contract

£24.00 Per Month

108MB Average Speed

Offer Ends 31.10.21
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£50 Amazon Voucher
Unlimited FibrePlus

18 Months Contract

£26.00 Per Month

67MB Average Speed

Offer Ends 21.10.21
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Why use Clooper Switch?

What happens when I switch my broadband?

Clooper Switch is a free broadband comparison tool. Once you’ve searched and found your favorfor cheap broadband deals from our Ofcom regulated partner and confirmed your switch, your new provider will take you through the process.

Should I keep switching?

Most deals will be fixed for a certain period. After this period it is certainly worth checking the market again with Clooper Switch to see if you can find something better and/or cheaper. Comparing is FREE, so why not?

How do I find a supplier thats best?

Price is going to be a factor for most people. However, when it comes to broadband download and upload speeds should be considered. Most of us rely heavily on having a fast, stable internet, so checking the supplier speeds aswell as the price is recommended.

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*Saving based on switching from non-discounted, standard ongoing annual costs for customers that are not in a fixed term contract to a comparable new bundle. Example: BT Fibre 2 (£42.99 per month + £0 set up cost) with a total first year cost of £515.88 vs Vodafone Superfast 2 (£21.50 per month + £0 set up cost) with a total first year cost of £258. Total first year saving of £257.88. Terms & Conditions apply. All prices are subject to geographical availability and offer dates. All information correct as of 06.10.2021.